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Vaughan LandscapingGood Vaughan landscape design uses a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and greenery in natural groupings It also is desirable to leave some open space, possibly creating a simulated creek bed or path through the plantings. Don't forget to add some decorative trees to the landscape. Always consider the size they will become and keep the scale appropriate for the site. There are many good books with illustrations of beautiful landscapes that you can use for ideas.

Another aspect of your design is the type of mulch or bark you choose. Again, I prefer a natural color, as opposed to the colored barks many are using. A combination of rock and bark is an option. Just choose the type and color carefully.

In conclusion, no matter what your plan for landscape design may be, try to compliment the areas around you. You don't want your Vaughan landscape to stand out like a "sore thumb".

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